RATTLED is Missmanaged Theatre’s debut production, written by Rachel Harper and directed by Jemma Gross. This vital new play will be coming to The Old Red Lion Theatre from the 12th February - 2nd March in 2019. Tickets on sale now!

"When the mind is put under extreme pressure, it can fracture. Did you know that? Splinter into a thousand pieces. The more brittle the mind... the more the pieces.”

Em never meant to get married. She didn’t mean to be unhappy. It all just sort of happened by accident... like running over your neighbours cat. Things always seem to just happen to Em. Now standing alone on the edge of a train station platform, she just wants to know... whose baby is this?

Written by Rachel Harper and directed by Jemma Gross, RATTLED is a vital piece of new writing that explores the effects of childhood trauma through the eyes of a woman confronted by her past. 



After a recent twitter feed full of transparency surrounding childcare for creative, and as our fantastic director is also a mother, Missmanaged have decided to provide free childcare to any creative coming on board with this production in an aim to make theatre more accessible to parents and create the space deserved.

To add to this, in an effort to make theatre a more accessible and welcoming space for parents with young children, we have teamed up with the awesome Bea & Co creative child care agency, to provide FREE childcare for two hours to parents attending the Sunday matinee performances. We have a special, cosy area in the theatre reserved for the children, so whilst you’re seeing a brilliant new play and having a drink after with your friends, your kids will be downstairs having their own day-out, supervised by the superb creative sitters of Bea & Co. Simply follow the link to book a CHILDFREE ticket and leave the rest to us.

Can’t make a Sunday matinee? Don’t panic! Bea & Co. are also offering discounted at-home childcare for any parents seeing an evening performance of RATTLED. Once you’ve booked, send your confirmation email onto Bea & Co with the subject ‘RATTLED’ and you will be entitled to a lower rate of childcare, that comes to you.

Any questions, please do get in touch with us at enquiries@missmanagedtheatre.com and we would be happy to help!


We know theatre can be expensive and we’d hate for cost to get in the way of coming to see this brilliant show, so we’ve put together a few handy discounts that will bring the price down for you:

  • Concession tickets are available to Senior Citizens, Unemployed, NHS Staff, Students, Equity/BECTU/SDUK Members and people with registered disabilities.

  • Theatre Front of House employees: £8 tickets are available for our 11am Saturday matinees (finishing in time for your afternoon shift!) when using the code FOHSHOW. Bring along your lanyard or a payslip as proof and enjoy!

  • Wage Gap Wednesday! As the nation has an average gender wage gap of 18.4%, we’ll be offering an 18.4% discount off standard ticket prices to any female identifying audience member attending our Wednesday performances. Use the code WAGEGAPWED.

Want to help us bring RATTLED to new audiences? Donate through our Support Us page and get rid of that spare change you have floating about!

Check out our RATTLED trailer. Intrigued..? COME AND SEE THE SHOW!

The Edinburgh Test

Alice, Bella, Sarah and Lucy are four new mums. They were all told what to expect from new motherhood, but no one really tells you the truth. The fantasy vs reality. Four new mums navigate the early days of parenthood. A million miles from their expectations, 'The Edinburgh Test' charts their experiences - the highs and the lows, the triumphs, the frustrations, and the bleak miserable struggles with postnatal mental illness. The intertwining stories of these four women told with wit, pathos and empathy will reach out to all parents and, as the Mums realise they are not alone, we hope the audience will too. 

For this production, we are partnering with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), the UK's largest charity for parents. 

'It's like riding a bike...' yeah on a bloody tight rope over a giant pit of fire. And the tight rope is on fire. And the bike is on fire. And I am on fire! And your in-laws are standing at the side just cheering you on.

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Glass Houses

'Glass Houses' is a fast-paced, socio-political comedy that asks the question, 'is the middle class responsible for the death of the working man?'. The play is set during a dinner party that quickly descends into chaos when the neighbour from downstairs arrives. It discusses the fetishisation of the working class, gentrification and the appropriation of culture, all fuelled by wine and vol-eu-vants.

This an unruly, witty and incredibly relevant piece of writing that shines the spotlight on what is really said behind closed doors.

Excuse me everybody, I would like to propose a toast.

Here is to making new friends and neighbours. I believe it was Milton who once said “neighbours…everybody needs good neighbours, with a little understanding- you become the perfect blend and that’s when good neighbours, become. Good. Friends”


Want to be involved..?

Have any of these productions taken your interest? We are currently looking for co-producers and collaborators to bring this work to life so please do get in touch at enquiries@missmanagedtheatre.com and lets chat!